IFFS | Wordmark Logo Design

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International Fresh Foods Supermarket

The logo design for International Fresh Foods Supermarket was a unique proposition. The new Asian Market, which opened in Midnapore in 2022, had an existing logo design that was done in a hurry with the opening of their new store. The current logo didn’t meet all of their needs, though, and they required a new logo with elements of the old to tie the existing signage to the new design.

We worked on a custom font, a new layout, and redesigned the graphic elements to fit with their existing signage, while giving them a lot of new and unique layout options. The new logo design bridges the old with the new, and will give the market some more cohesive options for the future.

IFFS | Graphic Only Logo Design
IFFS | Wordmark Logo Design
IFFS | Logo Design
Montreal Summer Salsa Fest | Wordmark Logo Design

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Montreal Salsa Fest

Montreal Salsa Fest is a new and exciting event developed by the team behind such iconic dance organizations such as Alberta Dance Sport, Calgary International Salsa Congress, and the Edmonton Gala. With bi-annual events planned, the organization needed two variations of their logo design, while integrating a desire for a clean and uncluttered design, with some artistic elements included.

The logos for Montreal Summer Salsa Fest and Montreal Winter Salsa Fest include clean and easy to read textual elements that interact with the artistic elements. We provided several different variations of the logo design for different use scenarios, while maintaining the recognizability of the logo across all mediums.

Montreal Summer Salsa Fest | Full Logo Design
Montreal Winter Salsa Fest | Wordmark Logo Design
Montreal Winter Salsa Fest | Full Logo Design
Code 15 Project | Wordmark with Tagline Logo Design

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Code 15 Project

Code 15 Project required a logo design that reflected their mission of helping first responders suffering from traumatic mental health injuries to reconnect with themselves through nature. The lightweight font choice, along with the wide letter spacing, reflect the idea of giving their clients the space to breathe, while the hand drawn trees represent the three main branches of first responders they assist – Police, Fire, and EMS.

While Code 15 Project is currently on hiatus, their impact is still felt throughout the community.

Code 15 Project | Full Logo Design Colour
Code 15 Project | Wordmark Logo Design Colour
Code 15 Project | Stacked Logo with Tagline Logo Design
Nifty Web Design Logo Design | Outline

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Nifty Design Studio

Creating a logo for Nifty Design Studio was an interesting project, because we frankly had no idea what we wanted. It had to be versatile, while maintaining a classic yet current feel. Avoiding the trend of going with lowercase, sans-serif fonts, we went the opposite direction, and just really liked what we came up with!

Nifty Web Design | Main Logo Design
Nifty Web Design Lettermark Logo Design
Nifty Web Design | Pride Logo Design